Why the narcissist worries after discarding you? (2024)

Why the narcissist worries after discarding you?

You are the threat that must be neutralized.

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Why does a narcissist worry after discarding you?

People with narcissistic tendencies typically don't let go of their source of attention and admiration unless they've secured a new one. If they lose something important to their self-image by discarding you, they'll feel the loss and come back.

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How narcissists feel when you discard them?

Despite that and even if they have several other sources of supply, being discarded is a huge diss, a major cause of narcissistic injury. This triggers immense, deep-seated internal shame and fear about the truth of who they are. They feel rejected, humiliated, abandoned.

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What happens when you don t chase a narcissist after discard?

When that happens, nothing will ever be the same. The covert narcissist is not surprised you don't chase them. They won't take you back, even if you did. They no longer trust you to preserve their idealized self and false reality.

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Can a narcissist actually fear you after the discard?

They feel terror. In fact, there is nothing scarier to a narcissist than losing all narcissistic supply and having their false reality, their house of cards, fall as their mask is ripped off for all the world to see. These fears, this narcissistic script, is subconscious.

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Do narcissists ever regret discarding someone?

It is common for people with a narcissistic personality disorder to regret discarding or losing someone, but it does not mean what you might think. If they feel regret, it is not because they hurt you. It is for losing something that they value. You are a possession, not a real person.

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How do you make a narcissist regret the discard?

How to Make a Narcissist Regret Losing You
  1. Cut off all contact with the person.
  2. Be unattainable and focus on your well-being.
  3. Spend time with your support network.
  4. Realize that people with NPD can't feel regret.
  5. Resist the urge to get revenge.
  6. Give yourself a chance to grieve the relationship.

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What triggers the narcissist to want you back?

Looking popular, going to glamorous events, being pictured with new people. All of these things inflate your status in the eyes of your narcissistic ex which can re-spark their idealization of you again. If they think someone else wants you, it makes them want you more too.

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Do narcissists miss people they discard?

Their remorse points inward. They may feel very sad that they lost someone and they may genuinely miss that person. But again, it relates to them. It's because in losing that person they lost access to their “narcissistic supply” (of validation, adoration, or sex).

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How does the narcissist react when you stop caring?

The narcissist will react in two ways when you no longer care about them. They will either lash out and attempt to punish you for not caring, or they will disappear and cut off all communication with you.

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Do narcissists ever discard people permanently?

Discard/Rejection: When the narcissist gets bored or decides the person is no longer useful enough to them, they'll often end the relationship and 'discard' the person. Sometimes, this ending is final.

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Why does the narcissist still want me?

"The central motivator for narcissists is validation," she explains. "And an ex is often a really interesting place to get it... They constantly need that fresh narcissistic supply, and they kind of know what an ex's supply is like."

Why the narcissist worries after discarding you? (2024)

What is narcissist's greatest fear?

Although narcissists act superior, entitled and boastful, underneath their larger-than-life facade lies their greatest fear: That they are ordinary. For narcissists, attention is like oxygen. Narcissists believe only special people get attention.

What scares a narcissist away?

Show strength and confidence

Appearing emotionally weak and easily triggered around the narc convinces them they've got you under control. Rebuilding your self-esteem by repeating affirmations and interacting with confidence will frighten the egomaniac away.

What words can destroy a narcissist?

The following are 16 key phrases to disarm a narcissist:
  • 1. “ ...
  • “I Can't Control How You Feel About Me” ...
  • “I Hear What You're Saying” ...
  • “I'm Sorry You Feel That Way” ...
  • “Everything Is Okay” ...
  • “We Both Have a Right to Our Own Opinions” ...
  • “I Can Accept How You Feel” ...
  • “I Don't Like How You're Speaking to Me so I Will not Engage”
Dec 28, 2021

Do narcissists feel the trauma bond?

Do Narcissists Also Feel the Trauma Bond? Abusive narcissists likely do feel the bond too, but differently. It's so confusing for anyone in a relationship with a narcissist who's abusive to understand why they continue to hurt them, even when they say they love them.

How do you break a narcissistic ego?

12 Ways to Break a Narcissist's Heart
  1. Do what makes you happy.
  2. Flaunt how well things are going in your life.
  3. Set boundaries to protect yourself.
  4. Ignore their forms of manipulation.
  5. Deny them what they want.
  6. Stay calm when they try to upset you.
  7. Cut off all contact with them if you can.

How to make a narcissist love you again after devaluation and discard?

Feed their ego with compliments to reel them back in.

After you've ignored them and lived your own life for a couple of weeks, reach out to them and give them a few compliments. They won't be able to resist your charm.

When a narcissist is obsessed with you?

When a narcissist becomes obsessed with you, they will stare and watch you for as long as they can. I can't imagine how uncomfortable that would be; that's why you shouldn't dismiss anything or anyone so quickly. Allow them into your life only after you have thoroughly investigated who they are at their core.

Why narcissists move on so quickly?

The cerebral cortex has also been found to be less developed in narcissists and this area is responsible for memory, emotions and behaviour. Therefore the narcissist seems to move on so fast because their emotions are not as deep as ours but also, they don't form memories in the same way the rest of us do.

Do narcissists get bored with long term partners?

Unfortunately for a narcissist, she says, the next person will always end up being boring because time breeds familiarity, requiring the narcissist to look for something new. "They are always waiting for the next new thing," she adds.

Does the narcissist still think about me?

It's true: Your narcissistic ex will remember you but not — never — in the way you hope they will, as the “great love of their life”. Most of the time they won't even think about you and you know why: They're too busy spinning their web to snare the next unsuspecting spider.

Do narcissists get heartbroken?

Therefore, if a narcissist feels heartbreak, it's mainly about the loss of supply, rather than the loss of the person. "They're sad to lose something that worked for them," Cole says.

Does a narcissist ever let go of a victim?

Many won't let you go, even when they are the ones who left the relationship, and even when they're with a new partner. They won't accept “no.” They hoover in an attempt to rekindle the relationship or stay friends after a breakup or divorce.

Why do we become obsessed with the narcissist after they ve discarded us?

One of the main reasons is that you simply can't make sense of what has happened and your brain can't accept that. It needs an answer, an explanation. But you will never get one from the narcissist so you attempt to come up with your own. This however creates something called cognitive dissonance.


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