Don t worry about it in spanish? (2024)

Don t worry about it in spanish?

There are lots of ways - "no te preocupes" is probably the most standard. "No tengas cuidado" or "No estés con cuidado" is probably best translated as "don't fret about it." "No te afliges" is "don't be distressed about it", which could work, depending on what feeling you want to convey.

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Does no pasa nada mean no problem?

“No pasa nada” has a wide array of meanings, “nothing happened,” “don't worry about it,” “no problem,” “no big deal,” “it's ok,” etc.

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How do you express worry in Spanish?

The word 'worry' can be a verb, but also it can be a noun. The noun 'worry' is translated as either 'preocupación' or 'inquietud'. For example: 'Intento vivir la vida sin preocupaciones' (I try to live my life without any worries).

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What is Spanish slang for no worries?

no worries interj

(it is not a problem) no pasa nada loc interj. no te preocupes, no hay problema loc interj. tranquilo loc interj.

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How do you say no problem in Mexico?

Recap: In Spanish, we say “no problema” NOT “no problemo”. Alternatives ways of saying “no problem” in Spanish are: “no hay problema”, “ningún problema”, “de nada”, “no hay de qué”, and so on.

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Is it rude to say don't worry?

It entirely depends on what you are saying “don't worry about it” about, and the tone you use when saying it. If you are dismissive, that's rude. But if it is more in line with “don't worry about it, we got this,” it is fine.

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How do you say no problem in a formal way?

A few favorites: "You're welcome." "My pleasure." "Any time." "Absolutely." "I'd be happy to."

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What are different ways to say it's OK?

Adverb / Other
  • it's all right.
  • that's OK.
  • that's fine.
  • it's no big deal.
  • i'm fine.
  • never mind.
  • it's all good.
  • that's it.

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What's que pasó?

The Spanish phrase "¿Qué paso?" means "What happened?" in English.

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What does que pasa mean?

Even if you are a beginner at Spanish, you may have already encountered the phrase ¿Qué pasa? . The verb pasar. means to happen, so this phrase literally translates as What happens?, though in English you would typically say What's up? or What's going on? to greet someone you know.

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Why do Mexicans say de nada?

"De nada" means (literally) that there's nothing to be thankful about. "No hay nada que agradecer". It's semantically similar to "not at all", but it can also be correctly translated to "You're welcome". Another common reply is "no hay de qué", which conveys the same meaning.

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What do Mexicans say when they're mad?

Estoy enfadado / enfadada (or) Estoy enojado/ enojada

These are the most known Spanish expressions of anger you can use for any intensity. Feeling enfadado / enojado means feeling angry.

Don t worry about it in spanish? (2024)

What is a common Spanish exclamation?

¡Ay! Perhaps the most used of Spanish interjections, ¡ay! translates as “ouch!” and expresses pain, regret, or even surprise.

What does mi chuga mean?

Mi chuga — 'I'm hungry' Mi yarga — 'I'm thirsty' Moocha — 'To steal'

What does mi jotito mean?

(effeminate boy): girl, fa*glet.

What is Spanish slang for shut up?

"¡Cállate!" ("Shut up!") "¡Cállense!" ("Shut up!" to a group of people.) "Cállate, por favor." ("Please shut up.")

What do Mexicans say when disappointed?

decepcionado. (No machine translations here!)

How do you say WTF in Mexico?

¡No mames!

It's like, "WTF?!” or “No f*cking way!” So you can say, “¡No mames! ¿Por qué te tardaste tanto?” - “WTF?!

How do people in Mexico say okay?

In Mexico it is more common to say okay, va, órale or bueno. If you say "vale" they might laugh and call you Spanish.

Is it OK to tell someone not to worry?

No one really ever hears the words “don't worry” then instantly refrains from worrying. There is no direct switch for thoughts and feelings, so telling someone to stop or change them with any sense of immediacy puts them in a bad spot.

What do you call a person who doesn't worry?

Some common synonyms of unconcerned are aloof, detached, disinterested, incurious, and indifferent. While all these words mean "not showing or feeling interest," unconcerned suggests a lack of sensitivity or regard for others' needs or troubles.

Can I use no worry?

No worries, brother / sister. No worries, brah. "no worry" is not a phrase used in English; perhaps the closest phrase that is not idiomatic might be "don't worry." But "no worries" is a popular idiom meaning "don't worry" or "it's okay", when used as an answer to "I'm sorry" or "excuse me".

What is another way to say don't worry?

On this page you'll find 7 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to no worries, such as: forget it, it's nothing, my pleasure, no problem, not at all, and you are welcome.

What is a fancy way to say no?

No thanks, I have another commitment. Unfortunately, it's not a good time. Sadly I have something else. Unfortunately not.

What is a professional way to say no?

To make sure that doesn't happen, try some of the following phrases the next time you tell them 'No': It doesn't sound like something I would do now. I'm not sure I'm the best fit for that. I believe I wouldn't fit the bill, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, It's not a good idea for me.


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